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Slack Johnson aka Slick Slack is now, Right where he belongs ON STAGE with THE SLICK SLACK SHOWGRAM…He’s had an outstanding career in the Entertainment Industry..A Radio Announcer,A Marketing Director & Promotions Coordinator, working day to day Building the successful Careers of many well known Artist..He’s been An Executive, COO,V.P,For several Major Record  Labels,Including,Capitol,EMI,SOLAR,ELEKTRA,MALACO,LUKE RECORDS…He’s Toured and was the M.Cee for most of the Major acts of the 70’s,80’s..And now he’s known for saying “STAND UP IN HERE”.on the SLICK SLACK SHOWGRAM,..Soooo Now get ready,cause here he is STEPPING ON STAGE,and you already should know that he’s got your FRONT ROW SEAT’S, AND YOUR BACKSTAGE PASS,To all of your favorite “CONCERT’S LIVE” Right Here 24/7….And all you need to know is that it’s not a PROGRAM but it’s “THE SLICK SLACK SHOWGRAM”

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S l i c k  S l a c k  J o h n s o n

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E N T E R  T H E  S L I C K  S L A C K  S H O W G R A M !

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